“Feeling Data” conversation with Marcel Schwittlick and Julius Voigt

The following conversation happened on the 22nd of September 2019 at the Erratum Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg, between Julius Voigt and Marcel Schwittlick.Marcel Schwittlick is an artist working with computational media and generative systems. His work touches various media, including kinetic installation, plotter drawing, poetry, sculpture, animation and their intersections. "Feeling Data" is the title of his first solo exhibition in September 2019.Julius Voigt is an artist and cultural scientist focusing on the intersections of artistic practices and knowledge processes with a special focus on language and semiotics.
Feeling DataWhat is it like to feel data? A lot of data. Marcel Schwittlick invites you to have a peek at his most recent work, drawings and objects concerning topics such as digital materials and non-deterministic systems. He is shaping high-entropy material, working intuitively from a quantum as well as birds-eye perspective, developing a framework to aesthetically balance between cold and warm (hot?) material. He questions the mathematical character in the aesthetics of digital art and puts these qualities in contrast to his practice of collecting and remixing cursor movements with algorithmic procedures.
This exhibition publishes an ongoing series of computer generated drawings. These are stemming from the fascination for one of the most banal of all graphical elements, the line. These drawings play with algorithmically re-arranging recorded cursor movements, bringing the digital material of unconsciously drawn lines back into the physical world. There is always something special in the ordinary. Perspective and context can shape the most common aspects of life into beautiful constellations. The acknowledgement of aleatory and serendipity within the ordinary is where surprises may emerge.
Composition #52 — “The Dying Rotring” #101
36x48cm Hahnemühle 300g/m²
Rotring Tikky Graphic pigment ink 0.7
“One day of honest work” 2020 ed. 1/10
59 x 84cm Hahnemühle 200g/m²
Staedler ballpen black
two editions from “1010 complex lines” (limited to 10 pieces)
industrial wax drawing on 59 x 84cm Hahnemühle 200g/m²
each drawing consists of 10 highly complex cursor lines, according to Claude Shannon’s entropy theorem.
“mousepad” 2018 ed. 1/1
59 x 84cm Hahnemühle 200g/m²
“Nervous November” 2020 ed. 1/1
59 x 84cm Hahnemühle 200g/m²
Various “Composition #37” editions
Various Composition #52 editions
Composition #52 — “The Dying Rotring” #172
36x48cm Hahnemühle 300g/m²
Rotring Tikky Graphic pigment ink 0.7
“Ethernet Whips” 2019
80cm, leather band, steel ring, Ethernet cables
4 editions (pink, white, yellow, black)
“Data Totem” 2019
160x30x30cm, various computer notebooks
including two “Ethernet Whips”
top left: Upward Spiral (left right split blue & magenta)
top right: Upward Spiral (dual black & blue)
bottom left: Upward Spiral (triple split neon yellow & magenta)
bottom right: Upward Spiral (neon green & blue layered)
59 x 84cm Hahnemühle 200g/m² each unique editions of 1
Julius Voigt / Signtific Research Institute -> https://uius.co/
Marcel Schwittlick -> https://schwittlick.net/
Erratum Galerie -> https://erratumgalerie.tumblr.com/

Marcel Schwittlick is an artist living and working in Berlin, Germany